Get a senior full-stack developer
without breaking your bank

No contracts, 1 month minimum commitment

You have a problem.
You don't understand developers, and developers don't understand your business needs.
And this can broke your budget, deadlines, and even your business.
How often you hear this:
No, we cant implement this now.
We have a technical debt to work on.
I can't do this, it's not in the scope.
This will take 3 month to implement.
We have a lot of bugs here.
Luckily we know how to fix this.
Lets dive in.

from scratch

Are you planing to build a new product from scratch?
We have a set of prebuilt cost-effective solutions written in a modern tech stack(React, Nextjs, Nestjs, Typescript), including Authentication, User and Company Accounts, Settings, Search, Workspaces, Payments(Stripe and Paddle), unstyled set of UI components, integrations with 3rd party services and headless CMS, transactional emails, unstyled blog, and many more tools and features that can be adjusted to your needs and design and be deployed in a matter of days.


Having a project that requires ongoing support?
Get senior fullstack developer for a price of a junior which can handle all aspects from frontend to backend, including infrastructure available from Monday to Friday.

Active development

Need to add new features to your existing project or having problem with development speed?
We can hop in and provide tech audit, tune the development process and communication in your team, and help you to deliver features faster.

Speaking your language

The tech stack we nailed

Frontend: React, React Native, Vue, Angular, Nextjs
Backend: Nodejs, Express, Nestjs, Nextjs
DB: MongoDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Redis
Infrastructure: AWS, GCP, DigitalOcean, Vercel

Customer reviews

Dmitry is a brilliant developer, and the speed of development is outstanding!
Pankaj Prasad
Pankaj Prasad, DoubleDutch
Man you are the machine!
Sean Neary
Sean Neary, Metrics
I am in love how you are Productizing the service of development man!
Sourabh Yadav
Sourabh Yadav, Qoulomb

Memberships levels

Choose a plan that's right for you

Ongoing project support.

Paid quarterly
What's included:
Unlimited requests
1 project
Available Mon-Fri
Fronted, Backend, DevOps

No minimum commitment.

Pause or cancel anytime
What's included:
Unlimited requests
Unlimited projects
Available Mon-Fri
Fronted, Backend, DevOps
Pause or cancel anytime

Save $500 per month.

Paid quarterly
What's included:
Unlimited requests
Unlimited projects
Available Mon-Fri
Fronted, Backend, DevOps



All bugs were left on purpose. Until they don't.
Are you running a SaaS?
If yes, I'm sure we can save you 24 hours a month you spend on managing and researching content ideas(hope you don't write by yourself). As we do for our 9 clients. Want to know more?